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A brand new player interface... Join the public beta!

A brand new player interface... Join the public beta!

We are proud to announce that a brand new version of Jamzone is now available to try in a public beta version for both Apple and Android devices.

It brings a redesigned player interface that you can help us test thoroughly before we push it officially to all users.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to the new interface, the new features and explain how you can join the beta program.

What’s new in Jamzone 2.19 and 2.9

Player Dark & Light mode

You can now adapt the color palette of the player to maximise readability depending on your environment.

Dark Mode

Set by default, this view mode is best suited for dark environments and has more contrast than before.

Light mode

Best suited for outdoor and bright artificial lights, this view can be (de)activated from SettingsPlayer Settings, or the new “Contextual Actions Menu” […] icon in the player that we will discuss down below.

Improved controls & content positioning

From top to bottom, there is now a single timeline+sections view. You can still select sections to loop, but it now also shows when the lead vocal track(s) are on (indicated by the colored dashed line).

To help you stay in rhythm, we repositioned the time grid, soundwave and text elements to maximize their size and make reading along with the scrolling chords and lyrics easier.

We’ve also redesigned the controls bar to fit in a single line permanently displayed at the bottom of the screen.

From left to right: Key control, Chords difficulty (SmartChords), Tempo control, Hide/Show mixer.

Playback controls overlay & Contextual Actions Menu

If these controls aren’t displayed, tap once on the screen to make the playback controls overlay appear.

The Exit Player (↩️) button has moved to the center-right of the playback controls overlay.

The Play (▶️) / Pause (⏸️) button is back in the middle of the player on Apple devices.

One tap on the Previous (⏮️) button sends you back to the start of the track.

When in a setlist, two taps on the Previous (⏮️) button sends you to the previous track in the setlist. One tap on the Next (⏭️) button sends you to the next track in the setlist.

The Contextual Actions Menu […] menu has been added to the top-right corner of the player and now allows you to directly:

  • Add the current song to a setlist
  • Change the Player Settings (Light/Dark mode)
  • Change the Click Track Pan settings
  • Change the Audio Latency
  • Change the Setlist Settings for playback behaviour

The new Fast Backward and Fast Forward gestures let you jump -/+10 seconds in the song by double tapping the left/right edge of the screen.

Join the beta!

Important notice:

  • This is recommended for advanced users only
  • A beta version may have bugs and glitches we still need to identify and fix. Please report those to us directly
  • The beta will replace the official Jamzone app version you are currently using
  • You won’t lose your purchased songs nor your settings but you may have to redownload your jams, so make sure to have a suitable internet connectivity
  • You won’t be able to buy new credits from the beta. But you can spend unused ones and access all other features as usual

If you do not wish to test this beta version, just hold on until its official stable release comes out sometimes in July.

On Apple

Delete the Jamzone app you are currently using on your device.

Visit this TestFlight link for instructions about how to register and download the beta for your Apple device(s).

If you want to leave the beta program, in the TestFlight app select "Stop Testing" at the bottom of the page.

To return to our public stable version, delete the beta app and download Jamzone again directly from the App Store.

On Android

Visit the Google Play Store - Jamzone page from your Android device. Under the '“Join the beta” section, click “Join”.

If you want to leave the beta program and return to our public stable version. Visit again this page and section, and click “Leave”.

Tell us what you think!

We hope this update finds you well and provides better control, accessibility and legibility to help you make the best out of our song catalog.

Please reach out directly by email ( if you are facing any issues and notice a bug to report.

Thank you, and happy jamming!