Discover Jamzone, a brand new way to practice your favorite instrument and play the songs you like. Jamzone offers hundreds of multi-tracks with predefined sections (chorus, verse, solo), loop mode, key and tempo change...


Play along your favorite songs. Join the band! Have fun at home or with other musicians and singers.

Built-in loops

Wanna loop a section? Click on the section you want to repeat.

Multitrack console

Are you playing solo or in a band? Set the volume of each instrument in Jamzone!

Real-time chords

Just like a music sheet, but more fun! Chords and lyrics are scrolling in real time.

Thousands of tracks

Recorded in studio, in many genre and for many instruments. Hours of fun without leaving your music room!

Tempo and pitch control

Wanna set a capo? Slow down a solo? It's entirely possible, Jamzone adapts to YOU!

Designed for the stage

Even without an internet connection, carry all your tracks with you. Jamzone is the perfect companion app for stage performers.

With you, everywhere

For teachers & schools

Practice the tricky licks you've always wanted to master with the automatic chords simplification, easy loops, tempo, and pitch control. You can even isolate the part you're practicing and play along. Ready to move on? Go back to full speed, mute your instrument, and get ready to jam with the rest of the band!

For stage performers

Wanna loop a specific section? Go wild on stage and keep improvising? Add or remove instruments or vocals on the fly? Jamzone is the perfect tool for musicians to create covers and new versions of their favorite tracks with high-end sound quality!