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The Jamzone app, it's a band that's available in your pocket!
With an exceptional sound quality, play your favorite tunes anywhere by following the chords scrolling across the screen and the accompaniment of the other instrumental tracks.

Bring innovation to your live performances

Jamzone brings thousands of multi-track instrumentals, with pitch and tempo control and built-in loops. Be different from the other performers, use Jamzone!

A great tool for musicality and creativity

Focus on just a section, turn on the loop, and start improvising on just a small portion of the song that you master. Endless blues licks are all yours!

Studio-quality for professional musicians

When performing on stage, quality is important. Jamzone is a treat for the ears, with studio-recorded backing tracks. There’s no going back!

Jamzone is the missing player in your band

Wishing you had the keyboard player of that famous band playing with you? Or Jimi himself playing the tricky solo while you keep playing your part...

Use Jamzone on stage: mute the tracks you don't need, or don't want, to create your very own version (how about a Guitar-Vocal cover of Journey?) or just replace a missing instrument in your band.

Customize the track in real-time for a WOW effect, and bring in the instruments slowly while looping on the intro!

A growing catalog

Jamzone is an app that was created by music enthusiasts who want to offer the best music so you can have a good time. Their catalog is constantly being updated.

Each month, dozens of songs are added, all styles of music. That way, you can mix up your jams, no need to choose between rock'n'roll and funk, enjoy both.

Jamzone is your best buddy at home too!

Jamzone works beautifully at home for all your practice sessions: rehearsing takes less time and is more efficient.

With thousands of studio-quality backing tracks to choose from, learning new songs for your set has never been easier. Simply select the song you want to play live, and start rehearsing instantly. No ads, no fuss, just what you need as a musician to rehearse and perform!

Try it today, the first credit is on us!

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