for music teachers

Meet Jamzone, your new companion app for teaching music. Jamzone makes learning easy, with an intuitive interface, designed to be fun and interactive.

Wondering what Jamzone can bring you and your students? Lots!

Bring innovation to your lessons

Jamzone brings thousands of multi-track instrumentals, with pitch and tempo control and built-in loops. Be different from the other teachers, use Jamzone!

Make learning interactive

Focus on a tricky section, allow your student to select a song, mute any instrument in real time and create a tailored lesson, easily.

Work by ear to develop different skill sets

Jamzone offers another way to learn by ear, working on the memory skills and helps develop musical sensitivity and makes learning faster over time.

Create motivational triggers & reccurence

Use a media that younger people know and love. Using an iPad makes learning easy and fun, and creates long-lasting motivation and habits.

Adapt the materials to each student

Everyone is different. Being able to practice at different speeds, and with just one instrument, or with the whole band, makes learning an instrument with Jamzone truly unique.

Still have questions?

Contact us today, we're more than happy to help you setup Jamzone in your lessons!

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