Discover our new music license for Pros

Discover our new music license for Pros
Our new subscription plans are coming on October 1st. Today we highlight one of the main components of our offering for professional musicians using Jamzone: its Pro License.

All Jamzone Pro subscribers will benefit from an upgraded music license to use and monetize our content with online publications and public venue performances.

Jamzone is a powerful tool for content creators and touring artists

Professional musicians and music content creators save time, gain quality and ramp up their activity with Jamzone. Lifting audience size limits and expanding social media content coverage was a must!

Therefore, we updated our General Terms & Conditions, published our new Pro License and Premium/Free License.

You can still read our previous Terms & Conditions that still apply to songs unlocked with credits.

What you can do with the Pro License

This applies to the Pro plan subscribers only. We invite you to read the complete terms, this is only an excerpt from it.

(a) for the term of this Agreement, the right to use the Jamzone music catalog in the Jamzone Service(s) to perform public live performances, covered by an appropriate license with a relevant performing rights organization in your territory, such as BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, GMR in the US or SACEM and SPRE in France, without limiting the foregoing.

(b) for the term of this Agreement, the right to access the Jamzone music catalog in the Jamzone Service(s), to make copies of the Music Pieces in order to synchronize them, in whole or in part, in audiovisual and podcast productions produced by or on behalf of yourself (the “Customer Productions”); and

(c) for the term of this Agreement and in perpetuity the right to make any Customer Production containing any Music Piece available worldwide on any and all “social” online channels and platforms (e.g Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, Vimeo) provided that the Customer Production is completed during the term of this Agreement.

We are looking forward to supporting more artists grow their business with our app and catalog!