April Fools for musicians

April Fools for musicians

Your siblings say you're the joke of the tribe. Remember, back when you told your parents you wanted to become a «professional musician», and they replied «Of course darlin'» to stop the non-sense. Or when you played in front of your friends, and they couldn't hold it. You have the potential for serious laughter. It's time to shine! April Fools' here, and we have the perfect ideas for a serious revenge.

The nice ones

  • Treat your friend with a new gear for the pedalboard, which is probably already full. It will be quite funny to look at him try to figure out where this is gonna go, but he/she can't blame you for that.
  • Tell your bass player friend his/her guitar looks nice.
  • Put a Hello Kitty sticker on the case of the instruments.
  • If you're teaching music, a all-time classic is to fake an unexpected test.
  • Doing the test thing? Here a few ideas: ask for the sub-root of the harmonic minor transposed 2 semi-tones up, starting from Dadd2. End the test with the following question: «Which day of the year your favorite teacher can get you to work on questions that don't mean anything?».

The tricky ones

  • Offer your drum player the option to compose a song for the band. Or even sing. Let him believe he has the creativity to do so (C'mon, that was an easy one).
  • Ask your friends to help you compose your next song in C minor / Major Add9Add6Sus3. If you see some ears bleeding after a few minutes, call 911.
  • Drop a few guitar picks inside the guitar of your friend.
  • Change the default voice on the keyboard for some weird SFX.

The Masterpieces

  • Change the strings on the steel guitar for some classical guitar strings. Pretend you «love the sound of the guitar today, did you change something?»
  • For the most creative, paint the white keys on the piano in black, and the other way round. And get ready to run very fast. And lose a friend. No seriously, don't do that!
  • Loosen the drum heads on the snare drums. And all the other drums too. It doesn't harm the instrument, and it's quite fun (make sure to dive right into a punchy song so the drummer doesn't have time to play before). Also, keep in mind a drummer is used to hit. Hard. And in time. So...
  • Fill the damp key hole on the piano with some newspaper.

Did you manage to pull one of these out? Congrats! You're now a lone ranger, a myth, what people call a «solo artist».